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Why is Weight Bad?

There is a crisis of obesity around the world. Diabetes and heart disease are rampant. People are not living healthy lives that will extend the human life span. The situation is dire. This is what the media tells us. We know that weight looks bad and feels bad. There is science behind it. It has […]

The Science & History of S.C.U.B.A

I am thinking about next year’s summer vacation and am looking for something out of the ordinary. I like watersports over all but haven’t yet tried SCUBA. We have all seen those gorgeous underwater photos that are unsurpassed in their colorful beauty. I wouldn’t mind spying around in some island underwater realm to explore the […]

The Science of Machines

Machines are a pretty vast subject covering everything in world history from its inception with prehistoric man to the present day. They cover anything mechanical that has more than one part and involves some type of inherent movement to produce a useful result. The Industrial Revolution begins the modern story as one after the other, […]

The Science of Composting

Aren’t we a bit retro to talk about composting? This is a pretty old concept that eco-minded people (and subsistence farmers) still like to bandy about from time to time. There is nothing wrong with it as a means of recycling and saving energy, but it seems a bit anti-scientific at first. In actually, there […]

The Science of Cooking

Cooking with physics and chemistry is what molecular gastronomy is all about. Through the marvels of modern science, food will never again be the same. What hasn’t science touched? From medicine to meditation, the world has undergone a revolution in methodology producing results heretofore unforeseen. Pretty exciting times we are in! Tastes and textures of […]