Crowdfunding Research: Is Your Cause Worthy?

Do you have a cause or a subject of research that you are passionate about?  Do you think it is worthy enough that you could promote funds to back the further study of it?  If so, you will be delighted to learn that you can do exactly that.

There are websites now that are available for researchers to solicit funding for their project.  One such site is but there are a number of other spots as well.  By properly following the guidelines and providing informative and persuasive data, you may be able to drum up a following that totally supports the research you would like to accomplish.

Maybe you are really adamant about saving the Helmeted Hornbillsin the tropical rainforest in Asia.  You have presented the problem.  The bird is in grave danger of extinction.  You have the solution as well.  Through research and documentation, the situation can be addressed and hopefully remedied.  Through crowdfunding, your aspirations can be accomplished…maybe.

On as well as most other crowdfunding research sights, the projects are only put through if enough support is reached.  If it is not, those who contributed are not charged and the project does not come into play.

If you are the originator of a project, you are obviously quite passionate about it.  You will want to do all you can for it to succeed.  To do so, you will need enticing articles, superb photos and videos and creative attention-grabbing titles for both.  You will need to plead your case and also build trust with your audience and prospective supporters.  These are not easy quests but are often far more feasible than getting any funding from the government or any related source of funds so it may be worth a good try.

You will be asked to set your goal.  There are usually guidelines as well as suggestions that are available so you know how to do so realistically.

Be sure to read the fine print that goes along with your application.  Check to see if you will be charged for anything even if your project does not reach the set goal and does not come to pass.  Sometimes a small fee is billed and sometimes, it is quite large or nothing at all so do your homework.

If your research project does reach the goal and is pushed forward, congratulations.  That is what crowdfunding is all about.  It is reaching a goal through the involvement and commitment of a number of people who believe in the same cause.

Realize and take to heart that your reputation is at stake.  You will want to use the utmost integrity in all of your endeavors.  Deliver what you promised.  If you said your funding would be used to travel to the Asian rainforest, do exactly that and take plenty of photos and videos to prove it.  Document each step of the way.  If you are indeed passionate about your research, this should be a pleasure rather than a burden.

A growing number of projects are being made possible by way of crowdfunding.  Research is one of the first things to be cut from the government budget when times are tight but the masses have found that they can still get the job done by pulling together.  If you feel that your research cause is worthy, why not put it out there and see if enough others feel the same way too?