Reinventing the Flashlight

Crowdfunding is all the rage. It has grown by leaps and bounds Who hasn’t jumped on board of a project that hits them over the head with amazement. “Wow,” you say to yourself. “Now that is a good idea.” There are all kinds of minds at work out there devising new inventions, ideas, and causes. Let’s give them ample space. When word gets out, some things take off like rockets into outer space. The new way of gathering support is sweeping the world, taking it by complete storm. You won’t want to support just anything that is on the Internet so it pays to pick and choose where you want your money to go. You may even have your own project that is begging for backing. Inventors gain recognition and funding, investors have opportunities galore. There is something in it for everyone.

I have a friend who needed help with a Kickstarter project involving a new design for an LED flashlight he invented called Flashlight Pro. You may think, a flashlight is just a flashlight, but not so. There is always room for a cool new design and this is his forte. He takes something mundane and functional and turns it into a coveted aesthetic object. That’s how fads are born—when everyone wants one just because it is novel and interesting. My job is to help him with publicity and announce the new invention. His job is harder: it is the creative side of things. You can’t just copy something in existence. It has to have more than a few twists. I know he told me he had many prototypes before settling on the final design. He tested it out with random people in groups to get an assessment of their feelings about owning another flashlight. They all agreed it would be an acceptable outlay of funds if there was something unique about it. It could have a one-of-a kind color palette or an artistic wholly unique design. Here we are talking about surface decoration but it can also apply to the shape. There is always a need for a flashlight that is easy to grip and store. If it can fold up like a telescope so much the better, especially if it is on the larger size.

You have to give people reasons to buy something. We don’t need new possessions just for the heck of it. Since a flashlight is so utilitarian, it gets lost in the crowd of practical tools in our garage. One is just like the other, so who cares. If you make something so attractive and utile that you want to keep it near you at all times, then it is going to be a new purchase. If you can spice up the design and also add better illumination, then you are sure to have a winner indeed. I helped my friend with the description of his object so it would have instant appeal the first time out. It does take a little time to build interest, but if you lay the groundwork, it will come.